Ring Sizer

To measure your toe or finger for the proper size simply place a string around your toe or finger as shown in Fig. 1. Allow enough room for comfort and any normal swelling, On a toe the measured size should not allow the string to come over the end of the toe. Generally, if a ring can go over the end of your toe without lubricating it, the ring would be too loose.

Rings that are to be worn on the knuckle must fit somewhat tight also so that the rings are held securely in place.

After you are satisfied with the fit, mark the strings where they cross as shown in Fig. 2. Using the printed below attachment, place the string as shown in Fig. 3, with one mark on the zero and the other mark on the sizing numbers and read the size. Wherever the second mark falls is the ring size. If it falls between two numbers this would be a half size, i.e. 3 1/2, or 4 1/2.

*Please note, when printing your Ring Sizer, be sure to select the "PRINT AS IMAGE" option from your printer's dialog box when printing. This will ensure the sizer to be exactly to scale.

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Download this file (ring_sizer.pdf)ring_sizer.pdfTo measure your toe or finger for the proper size.489 Kb


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